3rd Annual Residency!! Listen/Space Commissions 2017

DSCF3308It’s wild that we’re gearing up for our 3rd residency!!  We have now commissioned 25 new works for experimental chamber ensemble.

RESIDENCY JUNE 24-28, 2017


This year’s commissions feature more chamber music from the group, including a transcription of What Is The Sound Of One Flag for 9 piece chamber ensemble by G Douglas Barrett, a new piece by flutist Christine Tavolacci, ensemble conduction by Stephanie Richards, conductor Rei Hotoda, pianist and composer Quentin Tolimieri and movement improvisations with dancer/choreographer Jessica Gaynor.  We will be recording several evenings of group improvisations, and 7 new chamber music pieces.  It will be stellar.


In residence June 23-28, Tollgate Canyon, Utah: Christine Tavolacci (flute/composer, LA), Katie Porter (clarinet, UT), Kristin Olson (oboe, NYC), Nathan Herrera (Saxophone, Santa Barbara), Stephanie Richards (trumpet/composer, San Diego), Kevin Farrell (bass, NYC), Andrew Munsey (drums, San Diego), Devin Maxwell (composer/vibes, UT), Rei Hotoda (conductor, UT), Quentin Tolimieri (piano/composer, Brooklyn) and Jessica Gaynor (movement, Brooklyn). With pieces by André Cormier, G Douglas Barrett, Stephanie Richards, Jonathan Marmor, Quentin Tolimieri, Devin Maxwell and Christine Tavolacci.

Announcing the 2016 Listen/Space Commissions and Residency!



Announcing the 2016 L/S Commissions and Residency!  Everyone wanted to come back and do it again this summer!  We are supremely interested in watching a body of work evolve, so many composers and performers are the same folks, with some wonderful additions including composers Robert Jędrzejewski, Laura Steenberge and composer/performers Stephanie Richards, Eric KM Clark, Andrew Munsey, Kevin Farrell and Nathan Herrera.

Composers André Cormier, Robert Jędrzejewski, Jonathan Marmor, Devin Maxwell, Stephanie Richards, Eric KM Clark, Andrew Munsey, Kevin Farrell and Nathan Herrera, will be in residence with us!!

This year we have 13 new pieces, including several pieces for an improvising ensemble.  Our residency will take place June 27- July 4, 2016.  Our house concert on July 2 will included composed experimental pieces for smaller ensembles and composed improvisations by composer/performers in the group.

Composers 2016:  G. Douglas Barrett (Brooklyn, NY), Eric KM Clark (Los Angeles, CA), André Cormier (Moncton, Canada), Kevin Farrell (NYC, NY), Nathan Herrera (Santa Barbara, CA), Travis Just (Brooklyn, NY), Robert Jędrzejewski (Poland), Jonathan Marmor (Cambridge, MA), Devin Maxwell (Park City, UT), Andrew Munsey (San Diego, CA), Stephanie Richards (San Diego, CA), Zack Scott (Minneapolis, MN), Laura Steenberge (San Fransisco, CA), and Quentin Tolimieri (Brooklyn, NY).

Ensemble 2016:

Christine Tavolacci, flute
Kristin Olson, oboe
Katie Porter, clarinet
Nathan Herrera, alto sax
Stephanie Richards, trumpet
Eric KM Clark, violin
Robin Streb, viola

Robert Jędrzejewski, cello

Kevin Farrell, bass
Gavin Ryan, vibes
Andrew Munsey, drumset and percussion
Jonathan Marmor, auxiliary percussion
Devin Maxwell, conductor


So, if you happen to be anywhere near Tollgate Canyon in Utah, or are intrigued enough to take a roadtrip out on I-80, we will be premiering all of the L/S Commissions at our cabin Friday, June 26, 7PM.  AND there will be a BBQ afterwards.

Here is the invite:  https://www.paperlesspost.com/events/12827382-15f393cc/event_page



Featuring premiers of new experimental music by
G. Douglas Barrett (Brooklyn, NY)/André Cormier (Moncton, NB)/ Travis Just (Brooklyn, NY)/ Jonathan Marmor (Cambridge, MA)/ Devin Maxwell (Wanship, UT)/ Quentin Tolimieri (Brooklyn, NY)

Played by
Christine Tavolacci, flute (Los Angeles)/ Kristin Olson, oboe (NYC)/ Katie Porter, bass clarinet (UT)/ Nathan Herrera, alto saxophone (NYC)/ Stephanie Richards, trumpet (NYC/San Diego), Eric KM Clark, violin (Los Angeles), Kevin Farrell, bass (NYC), Gavin Ryan, vibraphone (UT), Andrew Munsey, percussion (NYC)

FRIDAY JUNE 26, 2015

Musicians will be in the garage. Audience will be outside. Please BYOB and bring camping chairs, blankets, sweaters, pot-luck, etc, make yourselves comfy.
Music starts at 7PM
BBQ at 8PM

About the Listen/Space Commissions:

This year we commissioned 6 new experimental chamber music pieces for 9 performers. These works represent our long-time collaborators and the best of the music we presented in our concert venue, Listen/Space, in Brooklyn. Over the week of June 22-29, 2015 an all-star ensemble is gathering in our cabin to rehearse and record these new pieces. This House Concert will be our celebratory run-through before we head into the recording studio. More about the project: https://listenspacemusic.wordpress.com/

Please join us!


6 out of 6! Travis Just’s KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN

Our last commission arrived!  And it’s like icing on the cake.  KEEP YOUR EYES OPEN from Travis Just for flute, oboe, alto sax, bass clarinet, trumpet, violin, electric bass and drums.  My bass clarinet part is totally big and raucous, the trumpet and sax are improvising a bit and there’s a drumset.  YES>  I can really tell that Travis wrote this for this specific group of players.  We are going to do what we do best in this piece.

I’ve played and listened to Travis’ music for a long time, and this piece is so exciting to me.   I’m a big fan.  We also had a lot of fun hosting Object Collection in various forms at Listen/Space.

Cheers from the mountain!  Can’t wait for everyone to get here.


More about Travis Just:  http://www.objectcollection.us/about/about-us/

Travis’ music as Object Collection: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FJvmDRK5seU

Our next commission: Devin Maxwell’s “Ogden, UT”

Devin says he’s going to write pieces about places until we find a place in the world that is right for us.  This one’s called Ogden, UT, where he watched a great baseball game with the kids.

I think the second movement is going to sound like King Crimson.  Super loud non-stop bass clarinet and alto saxophone tremolos!

More about Devin here:  www.devinmaxwell.net

A piece we’ve been listening to a lot lately in our cabin now that the kids can work the record player: Chord Toss 2 http://devinmaxwell.net/chord-toss-2/