4th annual Listen/Space Residency

We held our 4th annual Listen/Space residency at the end of June 2018 in Tollgate Canyon, Utah.  We recorded new pieces by Lucie Vitkova, Stephanie Richards, Devin Maxwell, Eric KM Clark, Kevin Farrell, Jonathan Marmor and Andre Cormier with musicians Katie Porter, Kristin Olson, Christine Tavolacci, Eric KM Clark, Nathan Herrera, Phil Rodriguez, Gavin Ryan, Jake Rosenzweig and Kevin Farrell.  And baby Ramona!  And we held a house concert featuring Andre Cormier’s Piling Sand, Piling Stone 4, a US premiere of the 96 minute cumulative delay loop for solo flute performed by Christine Tavolacci, we also played pieces by James Tenney, Johannes Kreidler and Devin Maxwell.

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