2017 marks our third year of the Listen/Space Commissions and Residency in Tollgate Canyon, Utah.  We are thrilled to continue to commission, present and record a canon of important works of experimental music.

To date the Listen/Space commissions have provided commissioning support for 25 new works for varied chamber ensembles, all recorded at a small cabin in the remote mountains outside of Park City, Utah.  Recordings are coming soon and also a books of scores with introductions by Eldritch Priest will be available on Frog Peak Music.

The story: In 2008, musicians Katie Porter and Devin Maxwell began hosting free, salon-style concerts in a funeral home parlor in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, NY, called LISTEN/SPACE. That year we presented 19 performances, featuring works of 47 living composers and sound artists, many world premiers, and several emerging ensembles, including Dither, Object Collection, members of the Wandelweiser Composers Ensemble, members of ICE, and members of SO Percussion. In 2009 we presented over 30 concerts, including the Formalist Quartet, members of Either/Or and offered three recording residencies for composers Jason Ajemian, Quentin Tolimieri and Jonathan Marmor, as well as several important rehearsals for chamber music premiers occurring around NYC. In 2010-12 we provided rehearsal space and live room for recordings, including rehearsals for John Luther Adams, Inuksuit, performed later at the Park Avenue Armory, Michael Pisaro’s Asleep, Street, Pipes, Tones, performed later at The Stone and Experimental Intermedia, and Morton Feldman’s Bass Clarinet and Percussion performed later at the Construction Company and Abrons Arts Center.  During 2013 we offered rehearsal space for Michael Pisaro’s Tombstones featuring Julia Holter and Jason Brogan performed later at Issue Project Room.  Spring 2013 we hosted a residency for composer/violist Anni Rossi to compose music for writer and director Mick Taussig, Berlin Sun Theater: The Mastery of Non-Mastery subsequently performed at the Whitney Museum of American Art. Summer 2013 we hosted a residency for composer Devin Maxwell to compose and record original music for Jessica Gaynor Dance Intimate Gestures, the project was granted a New Music USA/Commissioning Music USA award and was premiered over 4 nights at Triskelion Arts in Brooklyn, NY in Nov 2013.  In 2014 we became a 501(c)3 non-profit arts organization and moved to a remote cabin outside of Park City, Utah to focus on making recordings and commissioning new works.

Composers LISTEN/SPACE presented in performance in Williamsburg include:  Aaron Meicht, Aaron Siegel, Alessandro Bossetti, Alex Waterman, Alexander Rishaug, Alfred Schnittke, André Cormier, Andrea La Rose, Andrea Neumann, Andrew Drury, Andrew Lafkas, Andrew McIntosh, Andrew Tholl, Antoine Beuger, Art Jarvenin, Beat Keller, Beth Schenck, Bonnie Jones, Bora Yoon, Bryan Eubanks, Byron Westbrook, Chris Newman, Christian Wolff, Craig Shepard, Dan Joseph, David Lang, David Watson, Devin Maxwell, Dowager Marchylove, Eric KM Clark, Fred Frith, G. Douglas Barrett, Harris Eisenstadt, Harris Wulfson, Howard Skempton, James Orsher, James Saunders, James Tenney, Jan Rigler, Jason Ajemian, Jason Brogan, Jason Mears, Jennifer Walshe, Jeremy Woodruff, John Cage, John Lely, John Mark Sherlock, John White, Johnny Chang, Jonathan Marmor, Joseph Drew, Joseph Kudirka, Kamran Sadeghi, Kevin Farrell, Kristian Ireland, Lainie Fefferman, Laura Steenberge, Laurence Crane, Lee Patterson, Lei Liang, Mark Cetilia, Mark Menzies, Mark So, Matt Bauder, Matthew Shlomowitz, Michael Parsons, Michael Pisaro, Michael Wilhelmi, Mike Wexler, Morris Rosenzweig, Nate Wooley, Nick Didkovsky, Orlando Di Lasso, Pamela Z, Paul Whitty, Paula Matthusen, Peiyi Wong, Phyllis Chen, Quentin Tolimieri, Rachelle Van Zanten, Ricardo Arias, Richard Emsley, Richard Garet, Richard Kamerman, Samara Naeymi, Shayna Dulberger, Taku Gugimoto, Tashi Wada, Thelonious Monk, Tigran Mansurjan, Tim Parkinson, Travis Just, Tyler Wilcox, and Wadada Leo Smith.

Your support is amazing.

NYC history here:  www.listenspacenyc.com

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