Our first commission arrrived: André Cormier

photo (3)

We received our first score for the Listen/Space Commissions from our long-time collaborator and friend, André Cormier!

The piece is called Dengel Sele Esbe and is for flute, oboe, bass clarinet, trumpet, alto saxophone, bass drum, vibraphone, violin, double bass.  It looks amazing.

I met André on my first day at CalArts in the fall of 2000.  A few hours later, I would meet Devin, as André brought him to a party in the graduate dorms.  So, really, Devin and André were the first two people I met there, and I definitely felt like I had found my right place in the world. Who knew this would begin a seemingly lifetime of collaborations?

Devin and I have performed André’s duo for clarinet and percussion, Sommeill, at least a dozen times, in Vancouver at BLIM and the Vancouver New Music Series and Festival, Kenyon College in Ohio, Rocco’s in Hollywood, the Ontological-Theater in NYC, Spectrum in NYC, and on the series in Moncton, New Brunswick, Le Hum.

Andre’s music was also the very first music we presented at Listen/Space in Williamsburg in 2008.   The microtonal string duo Suno No Onna performed Piling Sand, Piling Stone 2, a 90-minute cumulative delay loop to a completely packed house, it was beautiful.IMGP0879

More about Andre and his wonderful music here: http://www.emsis.ca/

(Pictured above: A: things on top of our piano, today, March 8, 2015, include the score for Petit Tableau by André Cormier.  B: André, Robin Streb and Laura Thomas Merino from Suna no onna, Devin Maxwell, Travis Just and Orin Hidestadt at Listen/Space in the spring of 2009)

more to come, thanks for your support!

Katie Porter

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